Anne Aycock, SPC   615-347-0866 anneaycock@icloud.com
  Available: Sundays
Mark Beall    615-438-3638 markthebeall@att.net
  Available: Sunday through Saturday; weddings, funerals, masses, also available to conduct choirs.
Mike Belote 615-665-9359 615-627-7569 MBeloteOrg@aol.com
  Available: Monday through Saturday; also weddings and funerals
Nicholas Bergin 281-467-1245   nicholasbergin@ymail.com
  Available: Monday - Saturday; weddings and funerals
Thomas F. Brooks-Zimmerman, SPC 615-517-5990   zimmermantf@gmail.com
  Available: Most Sundays
Christine Brosend   615-962-2326 chrisbrosend@yahoo.com
  Available: Sunday, Wednesday; weddings and funerals; also available to conduct choirs
Stephanie Budwey    508-245-2758 sbudwey@hotmail.com
  Available: Sunday through Saturday; also weddings and funerals
Julia Callaway, AAGO 615-352-1888   callawayjc@bellsouth.net
  Available: Sundays - Nashville area only
Pattie Cossentino 615-589-2188   jazzkittie@aol.com
  Available: Sundays and Saturdays; also flute and saxophone
Sam DeGeorge, SPC 615-202-6083   organmastr@aol.com
  Available Monday – Saturday
Daniel Easter 615-997-9682   easterd97@gmail.com
  Available: Anytime
Wilma Jensen   615-202-9579 wilmajensen@comcast.net
  Available: Sunday through Saturday - Nashville area only
Shonda Johnson 314-221-3813   shonda.johnson64@gmail.com
  Available: Sunday through Saturday; also weddings and funerals
Woosug Kang 615-385-2150, ext. 254 812-327-3011 woosug.kang@stgeorgesnashville.org
  Available: Monday through Saturday; weddings and funerals
Jeff Light, SPC, CAGO 615-227-3913 615-415-8720 jlight523@comcast.net
  Available: Sunday through Saturday
Judy Mahone 615-646-1218   jumahone@juno.com
  Available: Sunday through Saturday
Amity Marsh 615-401-2937 615-496-4206 janda050@yahoo.com
  Available: Special services, weddings & funerals
J. D. Plant 615-853-0288  


  Available: Sunday through Saturday; services with any denomination; weddings, funerals, memorials. Also choral conductor and cantor.
Melvin Potts, SPC 615-831-9941 615-415-4827 melorganist@gmail.com
  Available: Weddings and funerals anytime; special services other than Sunday
Shelia Pugh 615-568-1915   shepugh@yahoo.com
  Available: Sunday through Saturday
Janet Schmidt 615-771-0263 615-400-9537 janetrschmidt@gmail.com
  Available: Sunday through Saturday; worship services, Masses, weddings, funerals, choir rehearsals
Jonathan Setzer   615-415-1735 jonathancsetzer@gmail.com
  Available: Sundays