If you are looking to hire an organist, whether as a substitute for a church service or for some other music event, you should contact individuals to confirm specific information, such as education, experience, denomination familiarity, and recent substitute engagements.
Negotiating parties are responsible for matching requirements, skills, payment, etc.

Anne Aycock, SPC   615-347-0866 anneaycock@icloud.com
  Available: Sundays
Mark Beall    615-438-3638 markthebeall@att.net
  Available: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday through Saturday
Mike Belote 615-665-9359 615-627-7569 MBeloteOrg@aol.com
  Available: Monday through Saturday; also weddings and funerals
Thomas F. Brooks-Zimmerman, SPC 615-517-5990   zimmermanf2@gmal.com
  Available: Most Sundays
Sarah Cole 615-594-5446   sarahcolemusic@outlook.com
  Available: Sunday through Saturday; weddings, funerals, special services/concerts, choir rehearsals
Hannah Cruse 870-307-2377   cruse.hannah@gmail.com
  Available: Sunday through Saturday
Sam DeGeorge, SPC 615-202-6083   organmastr@aol.com
  Available Monday – Saturday
Daniel Easter 615-997-9682   easterd97@gmail.com
  Available: Anytime
Woosug Kang 615-385-2150, ext. 254 812-327-3011 woosug.kang@stgeorgesnashville.org
  Available: Monday through Saturday; weddings and funerals
Heather Kirkconnell   239‐290‐4204 hkirkcon@gmail.com
  Available: Sunday through Saturday
Jeff Light, SPC, CAGO 615-227-3913 615-415-8720 jlight523@comcast.net
  Available: Sunday through Saturday
Judy Mahone 615-646-1218   jumahone@juno.com
  Available: Sunday through Saturday
Amity Marsh 615-401-2937 615-496-4206 janda050@yahoo.com
  Available: Special services, weddings & funerals
J. D. Plant 615-853-0288   JosquindesPres2000@icloud.com
  Available: Sunday through Saturday; services with any denomination; weddings, funerals, memorials. Also choral conductor and cantor.
Melvin Potts, SPC 615-831-9941 615-415-4827 melorganist@gmail.com
  Available: Weddings and funerals anytime; special services other than Sunday
Shelia Pugh 615-568-1915   shepugh@yahoo.com
  Available: Sunday through Saturday
Janet Schmidt 615-771-0263 615-400-9537 janetrschmidt@gmail.com
  Available: Sunday through Saturday; worship services, Masses, weddings, funerals, choir rehearsals
Jonathan Setzer   615-415-1735 jonathancsetzer@gmail.com
  Available: Sundays